Monday, August 19, 2013

My Season Finales Comparison

Two of my summer shows had their season finales this weekend.  'True Blood', an aging series I'm still watching because there's simply nothing on during the summer and 'Teen Wolf', which despite its name and disclaimer is really nothing like the Michael J. Fox film, both deal with silly supernatural and mythological storytelling that takes themselves too seriously sometimes, but hey... camp can be fun. To no one's surprise, these two shows have a lot more in common. Here are top five similarities in their respective season finales. Major spoiler alert...

1. People like to lounge around in weird, abstract white surroundings.

Look how relax they all look. Doesn't matter if you're a teen wolf or a retired vampire trying to catch up on some light reading, there's always time for staring into clean walls. 

2. When a wise black man gives wise advice, you listen. 

Yes. You better. You know your life depends on it. Especially when all the zombie-acting infected vampires and the lunar eclipse are coming.

3. There's always time for puppy eyes for young lovers.

Leave it to good looking young people to celebrate in the only way beautiful people can after they defeat their evil English teacher or just a simple 3,000 year old fairy vampire who's been obsessing about you before your grandfather was even born.

4. Kids are irritated by what their parents have to say.

Usually involves some major eye rolling as demonstrated by Tara. When you're about to reach the climax of your storyline that you've been circling around all season, there's just no time for insecure, absent parents to be all up in your life.

5. Ladies are tied up.

Especially the pretty ones. Usually in places very inconvenient for normals to find... like under a root cellar or a mystical land where only fairies can enter.

There ya go. I joke but I do enjoy both series even when I see heavy flaws. These two shows are actually working in reverse. While 'True Blood' is finally getting smaller from its once abundant cast, 'Teen Wolf's story canvas is expanding to an almost unmanageable proportion. Guess I'll just have to wait another year before wolves and vampires take over.  

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